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Hello, Dear Friends and Guests! I’m glad to welcome you to the site, dedicated to the rest on Lake Baikal.

I’m Yana. I was born and still live in a wonderful city of Irkutsk. Since childhood I travel to Baikal. My first trip was at the age of two years, to one of the most beautiful places – Peschanaya Bay, where I met the unique and great Lake Baikal. Since then we’ve been inseparable.

I was luck to see the North, South, West and East of our wonderful Lake. My dad worked as a travel instructor and often took me with him on trips. We sailed on boats, took part in expeditions, went hiking, slept in tents. All this influenced my future life. Every year I recognized Baikal more and more, it sank into my soul!

I’m creative person. I’m graduated from a vocational music school. I sing from three years old, play the piano. I performed in Irkutsk at creative evenings of famous composers and poets. I also took part in various competitions where I became a Laureate and Diplomat. I believe that communication with Lake Baikal played a significant role in the development of me in art. For me, Baikal is not only a place of rest, it is my truly close-minded friend and mentor. I always come from traveling around Lake Baikal enlightened, full of strength and ideas for new achievements.

It is truly magical when you feel his voice and find answers to your questions.

In addition to music, I really enjoyed learning languages. And when it’s time to define a future profession I decided to enter the Linguistic University. After graduation, I began to work as a leading tourism manager, after working for more than 10 years, I wanted to create my own company BaikalNova Travel LLC, where I want to open Baikal for my dear guests and share my experience with them.

During my work, I organized over 1000 tours on Lake Baikal, in Eastern Siberia and the Buryat Republic for people from different parts of the world (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, USA, Poland, Czech Republic, China, Thailand, India and many other countries). Tourists sent me videos, photos, shared their impressions with me over the phone and sent feedback. For me it is very important, in my profession – to make people happy!

My love for Baikal is unlimited.

Why is BaikalNova, you ask me?

Nova translated means star – TRAVEL STAR! Baikal has a very starry sky! The stars seem so close that you can reach them with your hand. We all are dreamers. And each has its own life path, its own star. On Baikal, you will surely light your star, which will always bless you.

On Baikal, each of you will find your peace of mind and put your thoughts in order, recharge with the energy of the Lake and fill with strength. My professional team and I will help you with this!

I really want Baikal to leave a piece of itself in each of you.

On Baikal, all dreams come true!

Contact Info

Phone : 8 (3952) 92-61-11

Email : info@baikalnova.com